Unity Engine Assets

uMod 2.0

uMod 2.0 is a complete modding solution for the Unity game engine and makes it quick and painless to add mod support to your game. Modders are able to create content in the form of assets, scenes and even scripts to extend your game using the powerful Unity editor. Mods can be easily exported using the free uMod exporter tool which is able to build mod files in a format which can be loaded by uMod at runtime to offer complete modding support.



  • Basic mod support out of the box
  • Full support for C# mod scripts with script execution security.
  • Supports all assets that unity can handle
  • Load mods from a local hard drive or remote server
  • Modders can create their content in the Unity editor

Ultimate Replay

Ultimate Replay is a complete state based replay system ideally suited to kill cams or action replay applications. Due to the state based nature of the system it is possible to view replays from new angles and cameras. Ultimate Replay is very versatile and could be used in a number of different scenarios including kill-cams, action replays, ghost vehicles and much more.



  • Quick and easy setup/integration into projects
  • State based approach means that replays can be viewed from different angles or cameras.
  • Supports forward and rewind playback with fully adjustable speed.
  • Supports streaming to and from file
  • Supports rolling memory buffer recording
  • Built in interpolation allows for record rates as low as 5fps with convincing results

Roslyn C# - Runtime Compiler

Roslyn C# allows runtime loading of assemblies and C# scripts using the Roslyn compiler making it easy to add modding support or in-game programming to your project. In addition, Roslyn C# also includes code security verification that allows you to specify a number of security restrictions that loaded code must adhere to including illegal namespaces and types.



InGame Code Editor

InGame Code Editor is an advanced input field for Unity that makes use of TextMesh Pro to display syntax highlighted code. Much of the inspiration for the syntax highlighting is taken from notepad++ and as a result it is extremely customizable allowing you to add syntax highlighting support for new languages.



Dynamic C#

Dynamic C# allows runtime loading of assembly and C# scripts making it trivial to add modding support to you game by allowing your users to write C# scripts. Dynamic C# also allows script execution security restrictions to be enforced making it impossible for your users to use certain assemblies or namespaces such as System.IO.



  • Fast execution - Once scripts have been compiled they are executed as fast as your game scripts
  • Script execution security reduces modding risks
  • Script evaluator allows you to write method body code

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