uMod 2.0 -  The Ultimate Modding Toolkit


uMod 2.0 is a Unity engine plugin/toolset that allows you to quickly and easily add modding support to your game. uMod takes care of all the complex asset and code management and allows you to focus on how mods will integrate with your game instead of worrying about how to serialize models or load user code. Additionally uMod allows your modders to create additional modded content inside the Unity editor.


Ease of Use uMod makes it easy for developers of any skill level to add modding support to their games although some coding will be required. We believe that adding modding support can extend a games lifetime dramatically, allowing the community to support the game far beyond its expected lifetime. To achieve this we expose simple but powerful API to the developer to quickly access the power of uMod with very little coding required. As a result it is possible to load a mod with just one method call. We also provide full documentation in the form of an API scripting reference as well as a detailed user guide and examples. Performance One of the main issues with modding support is the unknown performance factors introduced both at runtime. Modders are able to create additional content in the form of asset such as textures and models, as well as entire scenes and new functionality via scripts. At some point this content must be loaded by the game and this can be a lengthy process as typically modders may not optimize or structure their content as efficiently. uMod 2.0 aims to address these problems by adopting a new and more optimized file format to enable reduced loading times significantly. Additionally many lengthy processes such as asset optimization or code validation are performed when building the mod (where possible) in an effort to reduce load times and performance issues. Customizable uMod 2.0 brings a whole new array of possibilities to the developer in the form of customization. Developers are able to create a tailored mod tools package using the integrated mod tools builder wizard so that you can enable or disable features as well as adding additional content such as editor tools to help your modders create new content. Almost every aspect of uMod has an exposed public API so you can build mods, build a mod tools package, edit uMod settings, etc. all from C# code. This means that you can provide your own suite of editor windows and tools to your modders if required.

Ultimate Replay - Complete State based replay system


Ultimate replay is a powerful state based replay system for the Unity game engine. Ultimate Replay adds the ability to record and replay scene objects and is capable of creating kill cams, action replays, ghost vehicles and much more. Due to the state based nature of the recording system, Ultimate Replay is camera agnostic meaning that you can record a scene and then view the playback from a different camera and you can even fly the camera through the scene if you so wish.

Quick and Easy Setup Ultimate Replay is designed to be very simple and intuitive to use and suits the Unity workflow well. Simply attach the necessary record component such as ReplayTransform to your game object and you are good to go. Flexible and Versatile Ultimate Replay can be used in many common game scenarios such as kill cams in shooting games or action replays in sports games. Ultimate Replay can also be setup to record complex game objects such as Inverse Kinematic hierarchies and ragdolls. Many Storage Options Ultimate Replay is able to save the recorded data to a selection of targets. There are a number of different targets included such as a memory target which offers rolling buffer recording as well as a file target for steaming to and from files. You can also create your own storage targets if required.

Roslyn C# - Runtime Compiler


Roslyn C# is a plugin for the Unity game engine that is able to compile and execute C# source code at runtime using the Rolsyn compiler service. This is an ideal plugin if you want to create a programming based game, want to add modding support or simply need to load C# source code that did not ship with the game.


Requires .Net 4.x API compatibility level (.Net 3.5 equivalent will not work)


Easy to Use Roslyn C# has been designed to easy and intuitive to use and as a result developers of almost any skill level will be able to use it although there is some coding required. Compiling and loading code can be achieved in just a few lines of code with all settings and configurable options being accessible via the Unity editor. Fast Execution There are a number of other plugins on the Unity asset store for loading external code however most of these are either limited in features or interpreted at runtime making them slow. Roslyn C# compiles alll C# source code into a managed assembly during the loading process which will then be JIT compiled by the runtime engine just like normal code. This means that externally loaded code can execture as fast as your games code. Secure Executing external code from an unknown source can be a very risky idea since the code will usually run with full system access. Roslyn C# includes our seasoned code security verification system which is able to scan loaded code for potential security issues. You as the developer are able to configure the security system with certain rules about namespace, assembly and type references which may be allowed and disallowed to ensure that unsafe code will not execute.

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